Thursday, December 8, 2011

Look Book Started

Hello everyone!
This is my First Blog and I would like to tell you some words about me and the reason why I've decided to start it right away.

Since long time I've wanted to start the fashion blog, i was watching and reading everyday a lot of blogs and searching for new looks, and catching myself on the thought that I could try to do this. The love for fashion came to me long time ago when I had an "internship" for distributing company JamilKo in Moscow. I was so lucky and happy to catch up with all new fashion trends, see fashion shoots and working with people who knows so much of this.
A lot of people consider themselves "in fashion" only because they love shopping. But its not as simple as that. Fashion is more than just copying a new trendy look in Vogue magazine and running to buy it as soon as it goes out in the shop.
Fashion is a passion, it's a personal style, it's the way how you match colors, textures and how you tell a story about yourself in it)

I live in Moscow for the moment. And I can say that for the last 15 years indeed Moscow became so called one of the fashion capital. And I adore to look beautiful looks on the streets of my city and watch how girls like to take care of themselves.
Also I lived for past 2 years in Paris, the real capital of fashion and it goes without saying you can feel the inspiration while walking along rue Fauborg Saint Honore...

So now you can watch my own signature of style.
Hope you will like it


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